WELCOME to Renewable Energy North Ltd

We work with You to create a sustainable home energy system

Why choose renewable energy?

  • To be independent of power suppliers and rising power prices
  • To sell your surplus power back to your local electricity company
  • To think green and make use of natural resources like sun, wind and water
  • To save money by using things like efficient photovoltaic panels and solar hot water heating.

The world’s population is steadily on the rise and so is its energy consumption. There is no guarantee that power companies can adequately supply us with reliable and affordable energy. It is up to us to make sure that we create a sustainable future for ourselves and our communities while reducing the burden on our environment. There is a growing awareness of the need for efficient forms of energy and the conservation of natural resources, which are vital to our survival in this rapidly changing world.

This is where our team of professionals come in. We work with you to create a sustainable home energy system that suits your needs and budget.

We offer either stand-alone systems that are not connected to the national grid or a system that allows you to sell surplus energy back into the national grid once you private needs have been met.

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